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i was tagged by rydelly-belly


  • name: jocelyn
  • birthday: may 14
  • favourite numbers: 14
  • height: 5’2
  • talents: “3D Design” and computer thingys
  • art/sports/both: art
  • do you like writing? only for comedic purposes 
  • do you like dancing? sure
  • do you like singing? hell yeah


  • dream vacation: australlia maia mitchell
  • favourite album: DISNEYMANIA VOL. 3 and Walk The Moon
  • last song you heard on the radio: all of me
  • least favourite song: MAPS 
  • least favourite album: lol does pitbull have one
  • least favourite artist: 1D or basically any of the groups that were formed to make money BYE IM SORRY 


  • guys/girls/both: guys  
  • hair colour: blonde tbh
  • eye colour: idc
  • humorous/serious: humorous
  • taller/shorter?: taller
  • biggest turn on? wit 

i tag: converseandhighheels rikable rossdels padalelcki 

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@rockyR5: 👍👍👍

, #ELL LOOKED SO CUTE AFTER HE SAID THAT #LIKE HE WAS GONNA BLUSH OR SOMETHNG #ROCKLIFF #i literally turn everything into rockliff #oops